A Midsummer Night's Dream Review

" {The Mechanicals} performances are wonderfully subtle and broad- stroked at the same time. They may represent through the play they perform the personification of romantic tragedy but they themselves could not be tragic even if one of their party should be carried off and transformed into an ass, hee-haw and all."



A Midsummer Night's Dream Review

"And speaking of the mechanicals, their rehearsals and performances are stolen by Tim Dowd as brash, hyper confident, moronic Bottom. He wrings laughter from every line and many of the spaces between lines. Had there been any scenery, he'd have been chewing it."



Good People Review


"Under the watchful direction of Paul Kassel, the talented cast and crew of Half Moon Theatre bring the Hudson Valley its premiere of this Tony Award-winning play in all its resonating subtleties"--Edward Meisel, The Poughkeepsie Journal