Tribute-Short Film


Leo is a perpetually tired and unflinchingly committed father. When his wife, Rosa, was around Leo’s art was lively. Now she’s a distant memory, and so is the passion that once fueled him. 

Struggling to raise his daughter Mona as a single father and strapped with financial troubles, the art that once made him so happy  becomes nothing more than a means to an end.

When an old friend resurfaces with a new opportunity, Leo accepts a commission as a last-ditch effort to make a living. Now tasked with creating a portrait of his recently deceased wife Leo returns to his Mindspace - a fantastic, visual representation of his artistic process. The same space he abandoned years ago when he left art behind. 

For the first time in years Leo experiments with art, though he finds that in order to be the '"perfect father" who can provide for his daughter he stops being a present father. 

In an evolving canvas of stunning visuals, and with the help of Mona and her adorable toy come-to-life, Leo addresses who he wants to be as an artist and father, and confronts the grief he never dealt with.

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